Do you want to drop parachutes? Want to transport cargo?

Drop is a plugin for X-Plane 10 which can be used to drop parachute objects from your plane, but it also doubles as a load manager for transporting cargo. You can load parachutists on your plane, take off, and perform an airdrop. Alternatively, you can load and unload the cargo at different airports, without dropping it from the plane. Either way, the plugin allows you to add and remove cargo weight to your plane in a more realistic (and more fun!) manner than from the X-Plane weight and balances menu (note that you won’t see the object inside your plane when you are flying, for all practical purposes, this is not possible). The plugin provides realistic parachute behaviour by implementing a simple atmosphere and drag model, and calculates the forces on the objects using Newtonian physics.You can define the objects with the associated parameters (weight, area, drag) yourself, and multiple objects can be loaded and dropped. Standard X-Plane objects are used to display the items.


You can have a look at the manual here1 (pdf).

Order the full version here

You can buy the full version in the X-Plane store.

If you have an questions, or want to pay via another method, mail drop@itmasala.eu

Videos showing the plugin

Video showing a parachute drop

Video showing tranport of cargo

Video showing a drop from a helicopter

1) might not show properly on Opera.