Drop 1.1 Released

Version 1.1 of the Drop plugin has been released.

This version introduces a new feature. You can now see your dropped and unloaded items on the Local Map in X-Plane. The items are represented by a red dot, with a number beside it. The cargo and parachutes are numbered sequentially by the plugin.

The following screen shots shows what it looks like.

Planned new features

Working on creating “smoke”, so that the parachutists can leave a nice (coloured) smoke trail.

Another new planned feature is that the plugin will allow you to create a drop zone. DROP will generate a report of how close your parachutists landed to the target.

Better possibility to pick up cargo/parachutists, and ability to place them somewhere on the map to be picked up.

Version 1.0 Drop for X-Plane released

A couple of years ago, I started writing a plugin for X-Plane which would allow me to drop parachutists from my plane. I had to dig up my old high school physics books (which were lost, but there is wikipedia and other websites) but in the end I could realistically simulate objects falling down to earth. One disadvantage was that the plugin was written in Python, and had accumulated a massive amount of crud after all my experiments. Another was that the mass of the objects was not counted towards the planes in X-Plane, you could throw a hundred parachutists from a C172 without problems (the mass was only used in the calculations when falling).

Fast-forward one year. The plugin has been rewritten in c++ (easier to install, faster), and one important improvement is that the mass of the objects is now taken into account. The plugin now also functions as a load manager, and it depends on the plane how many objects you can load and drop or unload again. Another improvement is that different objects can be loaded simulaneously!

The main page has more information, including screenshots: https://itmasala.eu/drop/