X-Plane 10 GPX log

GPX tracker

About GPX log plugin

A small plugin which saves a GPX track (like a real GPS would) while you are flying. The output can be a GPX file (which you can load, for example, in Garmin Basecamp or show in Google Earth), a KML file, or a plain text file.


X-Plane 10 only at the moment, Windows, Linux and Mac.

Put the unzipped folder named “gpxlog” in the plugins folder under Resources. The name of the folder should not be changed.

If the plugin loads correctly there will be a new menu named “gpxlog” under the plugins menu. There are two entries to stop and start a track, and an entry to reload the configuration file if you have made changes. There is no configuration file when you install the plugin, but one will be created the first time you run X-Plane with the plugin installed. It will be in the gpxlog directory in the plugins directory. The initial setting is for the track log to be started when you open X-Plane.

The output file will have a filename like “20150621062848.gpx”, it contains the real date and time (UTC) of when the track file was started. It will be saved in the main X-Plane folder. The text output will have “.txt” as extensions, and the KML output “.kml”.

Track files

The GPX output contains points with the following information.

<trkpt lat="56.181201" lon="12.578827">

The plain text output looks like this. The track column is the course over the ground, and the (ground) speed is in meters per second.

# lat     lon         msl(m)    agl(m) track    spd date-time
56.285326 12.865578    315.7    299.8  347.9    9.6 2015-06-24T19:48:32Z
56.285336 12.865575    302.0    286.0  340.0   17.4 2015-06-24T19:48:33Z

The KML output contains points like this:


The plugin add a new menu under plugins, where you can stop and start a new track. You can also reload the configuration file, if you have made changes.

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